Apple brings ‘Do not disturb while driving’ to iOS 11

Do not disturb while driving notification

Apple’s wants to put a stop to distracted driving.

During WWDC 2017, the Cupertino giant announced that it’s bringing a new feature to iOS 11 that will prevent iPhone users from sending and receiving updates while driving: a ‘do not disturb while driving’ feature.

Do not disturb while driving activates if an iPhone recognizes that it’s connected to a car via Bluetooth.

If drivers don’t have Bluetooth-enabled on their vehicles, the iPhone will use doppler shift Wi-Fi to track the phone’s presence.

Once an iPhone has recognized that users are driving, the phone will notify the users that they have the option of enabling the do not disturb feature.

If users receive messages while the feature is activated, do not disturb will send out an automatically generated message indicated that the recipient is unable to respond and will respond once they are no longer driving.

Urgent messages can still be sent and received.

Do not disturb while driving will be available with iOS 11, which will be released later this year.