Nintendo Switch-like Sega Nomad portable console from 1995 modded for USB power

In some ways Sega’s Nomad portable console — originally released back in 1995 — was the Nintendo Switch of its day.

The chunky, battery-eating portable system is capable of playing Sega Genesis cartridges, allowing users to effectively start a game at home on their TV, and then take it on the go — just like the Nintendo Switch.

Unlike the Switch, however, the Nomad never found an audience and was quickly killed by Sega shortly after its launch back in 1995. One of the portable system’s most significant issues was poor battery life, with a trio of AAAs only resulting in three hours of power (this is a generous estimate).

Now, 22-years-later, a modder on NeoGAF that goes by the name ‘Catch 22’ has found a solution to this problem. Catch 22 has modded a Nomad to draw power from a variety of different sources, including smartphones. In the past the inventive modder has also altered the Nomad to feature a modern LCD display.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a mod anyone can perform, as it requires a significant amount of technical knowledge. Catch 22 does plan to release a how-to video for those interested in modding the ancient system.

Source: YouTube [The Sega Holic], NeoGAF

Via: Engadget