Bell Canada hacker is demanding payment, says report


  • Guillaume Simard

    Do we know how the leak happened? Any details on how the hack was performed?

  • Dimitri

    Well Bell is going to have alot more problems on their hands then anything. If they want customers information and interactions leaked out, that’s up to Bell but many will cancel and leave due to it as their privacy and information has been leaked out. We shall see how this plays out. Same thing happened with Netflix and orange is the new black and after Netflix refusing to pay the amount, the hacker release some episodes.

    • No they won’t. Privacy is bottom of the totem pole. Bell will likely just end up compensating anything effected if the investigation proves that it is more serious than Bell is leading us to believe.

    • Dimitri

      That is true but they have some explaining to do on how this hacker was able to get into their system undetected and able to get that information. As my parents have Bell services, they are worried about this. Many are. Most of us here aren’t as we get to know more but others that are tech savvy are worried. That’s all.

    • When it comes to this assume the worst. The fact that they feel nothing more serious was taken is a red flag, either it is or it isn’t or they have no idea what really happened other than what the hacker wanted them to pay for. Hackers normally double dip so they hold you for ransom and sell the information stolen. It would be best for anyone with bell services to change their card numbers and prey their SIN or drivers license wasn’t involved.

      might not be tomorrow or even a year from now but customer information will be used.

    • John Lofwire

      Yep thats how thing go so stay with bell and maybe you will go to hell (pun intended)

  • George

    That’s ok.
    One thief is trying to steal from another thief!

    • Roger

      Still not a good thing for the customers, though. I just switched to Bell two weeks ago and now this happens lol.
      I’m not that concerned since it’s ‘only’ 1700 out of millions.

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