ZeniMax sues Samsung for copyright infringement over the Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift on table

Following a lengthy legal dispute with Oculus, ZeniMax is now suing Samsung over copyright infringement virtual reality (VR) technology.

In the lawsuit, ZeniMax alleges that Samsung knowingly used Oculus tech that was developed at ZeniMax then misappropriated by Oculus executive John Carmack.

Carmack was one of the leading forces behind the Samsung’s Gear VR, with the headset even being marketed as “powered by Oculus.”

The filing also claims Carmack and former ZeniMax employee Matt Hooper went into id Software’s offices — which Carmack co-founded — to take code for the Gear VR that was eventually used in the Oculus Rift.

ZeniMax says that Samsung should have been aware about the accusations made against Oculus and which software it was using in its own tech. “Samsung continued to develop the Gear VR with full knowledge of ZeniMax’s allegations and without obtaining any right or permission from ZeniMax to use any of its copyrights or other confidential information,” reads the filing.

ZeniMax ended up winning $500 million from Oculus parent company Facebook earlier this year.

Carmack subsequently sued Zenimax for $22 million, citing unpaid wages during his tenure at the company.

Source: The Verge