Canadian enterprise mobile management giant SOTI launches new streamlined platform

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You may never have heard of the company, but you’ve definitely encountered their products in your daily life. SOTI is a Canadian enterprise mobile management (EMM) giant that’s one of the world’s most well-known names in EMM and Internet of Things (IoT).

SOTI’s MobiControl software is used in everything from custom delivery computers to hotel tablet interfaces, and now, they’ve announced a new platform that they believe will help their clients improve workflow and productivity.

The SOTI ONE platform is comprised of six individual products — three of which were released today.

An updated version of SOTI’s MobiControl software has been unveiled along with two new applications: SOTI Snap and SOTI Assist.

MobiControl lets clients that rely on mobile devices in the field — like the handheld computers used by delivery companies — to track those devices, as well as who uses them.

The software also allows IT departments to send out over-the-air (OTA) updates to safeguard against fraud and outside tampering.

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As described by SOTI’s Director of Product Marketing Suneil Sastri in a phone interview, SOTI Snap enables “rapid app development to create an app and deploy to both iOS and Android devices.”

Among other uses, Snap can be used to improve the kinds of data included in electronic forms, by digitizing signatures, photos, and audio.

For example, a signature app built into Snap can allow users to automatically upload signatures into an electronic form just by signing a name into a terminal.

Instead of having to build a brand new signature app from scratch, companies can use Snap to create “within hours” what used to take weeks, if not months to do.

Snap can also capture audio, photos, and other data to upload into the Snap Cloud.

Sastri explained that user privacy is protected because any data captured through Snap is not stored on physical devices, and is, instead, safely stored in the cloud.

In addition to Snap and an updated MobiControl, SOTI is releasing SOTI Assist — a digital helpdesk service that piggybacks off of existing SOTI applications to enable IT departments to remotely access and control mobile devices deployed outside of an office environment.

“If you think about companies today, they potentially have a helpdesk solution, but it’s geared to an office environment,” said Sastri. “They need a tool that can quickly troubleshoot [any] issues and resolve them quickly.”

The remaining three apps, SOTI Insight, Connect, and Collaborate are expected to roll out over the course of the next year.

Each tool allows clients to “quickly deploy their apps and manage and secure their devices, and can support those devices in the field.”

All of the apps in the SOTI ONE suite were designed with “mobile-first” organizations in mind.

“When you look at businesses that are running mobile-first, they are using various types of devices that are not just consumer devices,” said Sastri.

SOTI has been developing the ONE platform for over three-and-a-half years.

“The platform was designed for the solutions to work together,” concluded Sastri. “We really believe we can help businesses reinvent themselves in this mobile space.”

“With SOTI ONE, we’re looking to make things smarter, quicker, and more reliable.”

Source: SOTI