‘Free TV’ Android TV boxes are used in 7 percent of Canadian homes, says study


  • Canadiana Jones

    They are not “Android TV | Boxes”, they are “Android | TV boxes”. Big difference! I use one at home, because with full blown Android I can play same games, same apps, and biggest foreign channels already have free Android apps that offer their content for free LEGALLY. All this Robellus stunt is BS.

    • Android TV is basically an open source alternative to Apple TV that’s completely legal. The issue here is the majority of people utilizing the platform just want to run Kodi on it and run pirated streams.

    • I think the OP’s point is they are not “Android TV” but rather “Android” as there are big differences between the two.

    • Stephen B Morris

      Those cheap boxes that are fully loaded run regular Android (4.4 usually). Android TV is what is on the Nvidia Shield and Sony TVs.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Kodi is this generations Napster. Just like Napster, Kodi has let the genie out of the bottle. Just like the record industry tried to put the genie back in the bottle (to no avail) so to will the likes of Robellus try to put the genie back in the bottle. News flash: It’s not going to work. The bottom line (IMO) they’re a bunch of greedy pigs. The average guy/gal in the street couldn’t care less if Robellus profits take a hit. Fact: The internet is not going away anytime soon.
    Opinion: If the entire cable industry folded at the end of the decade people would adapt and move on. Facebook, etc all make massive profits from advertising. Advertising over the internet is where the money is headed in bigger numbers. IMO all the content should be free and covered off by the ads while watching. Just like it worked during the early days of TV – you just tweaked the rabbit ears to get a good signal and you were in business. No monthly fees were paid to anyone. Robellus is just to stubborn/ stupid/ greedy to get where the market has been going for the last few years. They’ll probably go boo hooing to the feds that someone ate their cookies like usual.

    • There are legal options out there like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and CraveTV, that are versatile and a viable alternative to traditional cable.

      Piracy doesn’t just hurt ‘Robellus,’ It also hurts the movie and television studios creating the content you’re watching.

    • The big difference between Kodi and Napster in Canada is the vertical integration! The internet connection Kodi is using to stream content (legal or not) is own by the same people who are trying to sell you that content! So you might not like their solution to getting the genie back in the bottle but don’t be surprise if they find ways to make life difficult for Kodi users that straddles the line of legality. It’s going to take much longer for this genie to get free than the music industry genie did!!!

    • fmradio68

      The companies here own the internet, the content and distribution methods. So because they are so vertically integrated it affects their bottom line even more when people get a Android box.

  • Andrew English

    These Android boxes aren’t anything new really, they been around for a long time and if it’s not Kodi it’s something else. For instance my Samsung TV has a STB Emulator that allows me to connect other IPTV re-sellers. The issue I see right now is the amount of advertising that is going on right now in the public and with Bell, Rogers, and Telus going after these folks and winning injunctions against them so they can no longer sell their boxes, this might scare the average consumer away from investing in a box and a IPTV re-seller.

    • They aren’t new but they’re growing in popularity and I think that’s the thing that’s noteworthy here.

      I think resellers being prevented from selling ‘fully-loaded’ boxes is a great move, though in the long run it really won’t do anything. There are plenty of ways to legally consume content legally through apps and other sources.

    • Rev0lver

      But not all content is available through apps, cough, HBO, cough.

      And some aren’t available at all in Canada (e.g. Hulu) so streaming (which isn’t technically illegal) or downloading is the only way to consume some content.

      I personally torrent everything I want (that isn’t on Netflix) and have no qualms doing so. Overcharge for a product and people will find ways not to pay for it.

  • In my house we use free-to-air satillite tv and have about 5 satillite that grab legal tv beams. And then we have Netflix and CraveTV. Way cheaper than Pay cable or pay satillite. And with most pay channels having the same stuff as free-to-air TV, Netflix and CraveTV, why spend more than $22 a month?

    • This is a great way to do it and very similar to how I watch TV at home.

    • Canadiana Jones

      I also have a Homerun and PVR everything I’m interested in from more than 20 channels down here in GTA. Then I have paid software that process that and cuts out the commercials and then it’s ready to be watched by the use of Kodi, Windows Media Player, whatever is on my numerous Android tablets. And Rogers could not do a thing to me in the court for all that.

      I pay Rogers cable for some national offshore channels and kids channels and what do they do? They shove a whole package in my throat, because they also have to somehow sell the other wack of worthless channels. They should be kissing my hm, feet for not switching to a paid IPTV and not ditching their whole service, just because I’m lazy and trying to also accomodate for an elder in the house who’s incapable of comprehending the use of more than 1 remote.

  • mizkitty

    So…over 30% of Kodi installs are being used legally without streaming add-ons?
    For local content only I assume…like Plex…strange…

  • Jason

    Piracy is just the end result when content is too hard to come by; the Game of Thrones example:
    -Don’t have/want a cable package and HBO for $100+/mo
    -iTunes doesn’t have it
    -Amazon doesn’t have it
    -Hulu doesn’t have it
    -HBO GO isn’t in Canada/HBO GO wants a cable upgrade
    -Netflix doesn’t have it
    -2 clicks to download, 10 minutes later “Joffery is a jerk”

    • Canadiana Jones

      You can also wait for a year and buy it on BluRay 😉 Just pulling your leg 😉

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    There are many reasons for these boxes popularity
    Cable Tv Lack of choice
    Canadian content rules The box allow to by pass these
    Prices and Forced Bundles of stations you don’t want

    the CRTC has Fail canadians when comes to tv service

  • BB BB

    Once robeLuis get through with IPTV it will be known as iPayTV. Cable cutting is on the rise, simply because cable v is the next home phone. No one wants to be gouged and with the lack of choice the CRTC needs to step up and allow competitors to offer licensed iptv services at affordable prices. The only piracy going on here is the pirates at robelus raiding everyone’s wallet.

  • MoYeung

    7 percent of Canadian homes equal to how many people?

    • mcfilmmakers

      Do the math yourself

  • SpikedLemon

    7% of Canadians yet 8.8% of North Americans… We’re behind.

  • Omar

    Kodi is awesome.

  • Stephen Dominey

    I love Kodi but hate these boxes and their resellers. When the average user gets their hands on these boxes, is when the crackdown begins. The same thing happened to DNS services for Netflix.