Ontario budget 2017: government and auto insurance services to become available on mobile


  • Richard Wangly

    “May I see your registration please?”
    “Why certainly! Please, take my unlocked mobile device back to your vehicle to peruse at your leisure.”

    • TonyC

      If you don’t have anything to hide… :-p

      On a personal note, locked or not, fat chance I’m going to hand my phone to anyone.

    • Rev0lver

      I’d love the convenience of this. I’d have no problem giving an officer my phone.

    • Jason

      Well if you have Android Lollipop you can just make an “insurance account” so the officer can see what’s on that account but not on your main user account

    • Richard Wangly

      Fair point, and I’m sure they (or you) could just make it a lock-screen widget. If a digital version becomes acceptable, I hope they wouldn’t give you a hard time as long as the digital version was scannable for validation, regardless of what app is displaying it. Same with a driver’s license.

    • Stopped for speeding and charged with assault on an officer for a rude meme.

      lets just hope they make legal service easier to reach online as well

  • Jason

    “with insurers being required to offer a discount to policyholders who opt to receive documents electronically” keep in mind this will probably mean a $2-$5 discount, and the way my insurance works odds are they will discount the paper but then my cost will go up by that same amount

  • Captain Henry Morgan

    Most likely, it will be integrated on the insurance company app. Therefore, you need your username and password to login to see your pink slip. Let say you are tired on your way home, got stopped by police officer, you need to login to show your pink policy slip. As you logged in, you forgot your password, oopps password reset, bad data reception..I wonder if you can ask the police officer to move few km from the current location to get a better signal. LOL

    • Maybe they will lend you a hot spot?

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      LOL LOL

  • Alex

    its nice that they are allowing it. We should be changing things up so that people have options. Like some say, having digital copies has its downsides, but so are physical copies. I know when i first purchased insurance, it would take a few days before it arrives in the mail. Also, there were times that i never received it because canada post messed up probably, so ya. I would prefer to always have physical, because i can leave that in the car and forget about, and not have to worry my whole life is in my phone, and if i break, or lose it, then i’m screwed.

    But being able to produce a digital copy when needed is something nice to have.

  • Ipse

    <>…how about instead making them AFFORDABLE?????

    • Lol Right? Driving in Toronto is one of the most expensive luxuries I have ever seen.

  • A lot of these things are amazing changes. Now if we can just see a change in insurance prices…

    But I love the change of address online being simplified. I currently have no clue how to do it now without calling for help.

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