Super Mario Run downloaded ten times more than Fire Emblem Heroes, but earns less money

Fire Emblem Heroes

It seems Super Mario Run’s expensive $13.99 price tag has backfired for Nintendo to some extent.

With the still popular app approaching 150 million downloads across iOS and Android, Nintendo’s recently released earnings report indicates that the game still isn’t making as much money as the Japanese gaming giant’s second serious mobile title, Fire Emblem Heroes.

While both games are free-to-play, only Super Mario Run’s first three levels and boss are unlocked without forking over $13.99. Fire Emblem Heroes, on the other hand, is monetized solely through Orb-based microtransactions, with the priciest pack costing $75.

Just last month, while Super Mario Run sold reasonably well, the company says that the game has not met its lofty expectations.