Samsung’s Twitter account is more fire than the Note 7


Managing the Twitter account of a popular brand like Samsung isn’t easy work. Just ask MobileSyrup‘s own Zach Gilbert. With most people on the Internet out there to troll you for the “lols,” you never know what kind of response you’ll get to even the most innocuous of tweets.

Case and point: on Friday, the community manager for Samsung Mobile’s U.S. Twitter account asked the company’s followers to share the first photo they took with new S8. Of course, someone used this opportunity to talk about their eggplant.

“It was a dick pic,” said Twitter user @savEdward in response to the tweet.

In a similar situation, most corporate Twitter accounts would ignore such an undignified response, but not the person managing the Samsung Mobile U.S. account. No, sir, unfazed they went full beast mode and issued the perfect response: a single emoji.

Edward and his “girlfriend” tried to salvage the situation, but after 13,739 retweets and counting, the damage was done. Samsung had once again burned one of its customers.

Samsung, give this man or woman a raise.