The ‘My apps & games’ section of the Play Store has been revamped


  • canucks4life

    Looks pretty good only thing wish they had was a delete all option for old apps under Library

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  • Tim3Tripp3r

    Only Google can borq up something like this in the strangest way. I’ve been a Android user since the GB days and the list of apps to update has always been alphabetical. However this latest nugget from the brain trust has now puked out the list in some random order that even a physicist couldn’t rationalize. It’s not much of a problem, just can’t wrap my head around the Google logic involved.

    • Garett Harnish

      Unless I’m misreading the article, it sounds like they are sorting just the recently updated by the date the application was last updated; that doesn’t seem random or hard to understand. In fact, to me anyway, that seems far more logical and preferable than the alphabetical sorting they had been using.

  • Scott

    I really welcome this update if only for the fact that I can truly see which apps were updated recently. Previous if I say that 8 apps were updated and went to the play store to confirm which ones I’d see the list of all the most recently updated apps at the top. These could have been from the previous few days sorted alphabetically. Now at least it is sorted by most recent and even says that it was updated x days/hours ago.

    • Yes, 100% this! So happy with this change too!