Telus, Bell and Rogers Android 7.0 update now available to download for the Galaxy Note 5 [Update]


  • Jeremy

    Happy to tip off a great site! My update weighed in at 1222MB.

  • Cary Brandes

    Rogers? Rogers?

    • Clean Toronto

      you can change your CSC to Telus and get the update. It’ll wipe your phone though.

    • Cary Brandes

      Would like to..Just don’t know how.

  • canucks4life

    Any luck for Galaxy S6 yet?

    • Jonah Emery

      No, not for me at least.

    • Ogre

      Nothing here yet for me either. Boo

  • daisyboots

    Mine is downloading as I type this! Whoohoo!! ????

  • Jaroslaw Wroblewski

    Yesterday I checked on my note 5 ( telus ) and I got it
    it’s weight 1220 mb and now I can enjoy android 7.0
    very pleased at the moment

    • Daniel Pete

      Did the note 5 get the Aod display?

    • daisyboots

      It did not. Got most of the other features of the S7 though, and some new S-pen features as well!

    • Daniel Pete

      Thanks for the reply. The one feature I wanted damn kiss my note 7

    • Jaroslaw Wroblewski

      Unfortunately I didn’t get aod but I get some new S-pen features …

  • Kashur Dude

    Howz is the Note 5 running after Nougat 7.0 update for whoever has updated?