Canadian-developed Xbox 360 mega hit FEZ is coming to iOS later this year

FEZ screenshot

After making its way to almost every modern gaming platform, FEZ, one of the Xbox 360’s most critically acclaimed indie titles, is on its way to iOS.

Polytron, the game’s Montreal-based developer, announced the news last week on the occasion of the game’s fifth anniversary. The studio did not reveal an exact release date, nor how much the game will cost when it does finally come out.

FEZ 2017 from POLYTRON on Vimeo.

Phil Fish, FEZ’s controversial creator, was one of the subjects of Canadian-made documentary Indie Game: The Movie. In 2013, Fish, citing constant abuse from a variety of sources, canceled FEZ 2. There’s since been no definitive news at to whether Fish has been working on the game in secret.

Polytron did not announce whether FEZ will come to Android at a later date.