Toronto Police say distracted driving related charges are up 37 percent in 2017


  • MoYeung

    minimum fines now starting at $490 and three demerit points… Cash cow for a certain provincial government

  • Sally Mae

    It’s a national disgrace; I’ve just gotten on to the freeway, driving north, and the traffic is fast and dense.
    Saw an accident a couple of miles back; what’s the bet the fool was on the phone.

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    • h2oflyer

      It’s a good thing you pulled over to post this and became a visual distraction.

  • Jayson Deare

    It’s a good thing to improve the penalties the infractions are up because they can get you for anything really plugging your phone in at a red light etc.

  • Salle2061

    This is a serious issue that could be resolved by technology not ticketing. Unfortunately that is not how government is approaching the subject. Just another cash cow to support fat police salaries.

    Up 37% is a meaningless statistic. All it means that Police are ticketing more. This is “Fake News” style reporting