Freedom Mobile subscriber base jumps by 33,427 in Q2 2017, totals 1,086,185 customers


  • Techguru86

    Good Canadians need a 4th option, now they have LTE and LTE Everywhere plans, should force the Big 3 to start offering better data deals

    • Jesse

      There should be some decent plans come the holiday season, since that should be around when FM has LTE coverage over most of their foot print.

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      If WIND’s past is an indicator, Back to School should have a great promo as well. Freedom has been hitting their deployment targets thus far, so hopefully they keep or accelerate their current pace.

    • shaz0311

      Hope so, I want the $49 plan discounted. I’d happily pay $43-45 per month rather than $49. With a tab it’ll run to $54. I could just switch to my employee plan with either Rogers/Bell for $57 including the phone tab. iPhone 7 ($150).

      Freedom needs to realize that they have a smaller and much inferior network, they haven’t even made a move to get 700mhz from Videotron. Charging close to premium price for a network that barely improved is not worth it.

    • Techguru86

      The lte network is far better than the 3g

    • Brandon Arneson

      Definitely this Helps freedom Mobile a lot. I switched to the LTE ready everywhere 59 plan and I just added their $10 3gb data add on yesterday. I’m also saving to upgrade to the Galaxy A5 to enjoy LTE here when it launches and LTE roaming when that launches as well as WiFi calling and texting

  • Omar

    Freedom is still going strong, happy to see obviously. I Just hope that Shaw resists the urge to “compete” with the Big 3. This country needs Freedom Mobile, not a Big 4.

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