Wi-Fi calling coming to some Freedom Mobile customers ‘within weeks’


  • dirtyKIMCHI

    The update began being pushed a few days ago to the V20.

    There is a Reddit about it here: https://www.reddit .com/r/freedommobile/comments/6391dk/wifi_calling_enabled/

    The terms were temporarily posted as well, as per this Reddit: https://www.reddit .com/r/freedommobile/comments/62hlhm/wifi_calling/

    • Rose Behar

      Good catch! According to Freedom that was a false start — they are still working on final testing.

  • Techguru86

    This will help a lot of customers who have building issues

  • meh

    “Kind of like LTE, it’ll start with one device, then two, then three, then five. Going forward, though, all of our devices will have LTE and Wi-Fi calling, that’s a fundamental requirement of what we’re doing.”

    So, does this mean that their already released LTE devices will support WiFi calling? I want to get a Grand X 4 but only if it gets wifi calling.

    • Igor Babichev

      I assume Grand X this will be the next device after V20 on which they will test and enable the phone to download and install the necessary software update. Then probably Samsung A5…

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      This is correct.

    • Brandon Arneson

      I really hope my Galaxy A5 gets WiFi calling texting and MMS since its an LTE ready phone. I will be really upset if this phone doesn’t get it.

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      Yes, a Freedom Employee on Reddit has stated that all “Future Ready” (Now listed as LTE Ready on Freedom’s site) will gain VoWLAN via software update.

      Also, same employee stated that all future devices from Freedom will be “Future Ready”(LTE Ready) moving forward; so no new AWS HSPA only devices from Freedom.

    • Techguru86

      Makes sense, they won’t be selling the KEYone because it doesn’t support band 66

  • FireStream

    will not work with nexus 6p when the 6p supports wificalling

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      Unfortunately, that is true. Freedom are only supporting their retail LTE Ready devices for VoWLAN (as all devices from now on will be LTE & VoWLAN ready).

      Did ask for clarification of this, as where does that leave the Freedom customers in Eastern Ontario? Seems unfair to push those users to purchase a Band 66 LTE (LTE Ready by Freedom Marketing speak) handsets.

    • Techguru86

      it’s not marketing bro, it’s sadly called a network requirement

    • dirtyKIMCHI

      Well that ‘network requirement’ would be Band 4 in Eastern Ontario. As Freedom/WIND sold the Nexus 6P to those customers, they should be able to gain access to WiFi Calling as well as Band 4 LTE (since the Nexus 6P supports both).

    • Techguru86

      You would think so if not if customers complain enough they will get it

  • therealsybarite

    why is VoWiFi limited to selected phones only? is it not the case that any smart phone can support it?
    does anyone know if using a standalone SIP client will be an option?
    i get virtually no service at home or work. was hoping for VoWiFi to allow me to answer calls at these 2 locations. Should be able to have a SIP client app on phone or desktop.

    • shaz0311

      If Vo-wifi only comes to their LTE lineup I might port out, if T-Mobile could do it for their phones purchased back to 2012, Freedom could too.
      If they don’t, its shows as a pure cash grab.

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