Belkin releases new USB-C DuraTek Kevlar Fiber Cable and other USB-C accessories


  • Stephen_81

    My Big question about these is not the cable build quality but the actual USB-C ends, my Belkin Cables I purchased from Rogers have folded stamped ends, not deep draw extrusion ends, that is the first flag in a BAD cable.
    I do see that they list the cable on the website as being USB-IF certified, which does give me a glimmer of hope though I would have liked to see those details in the actual review as anyone buying a Cable for their phone should care about that.

    Sadly in Canada we have a hard time getting quality USB-C Cables. I hope once Apple starts using more USB-C stuff that Mobile Syrup will take USB-C cable reviewing seriously and make it easier for us to find quality cables without having to go through the 34 page USB Certification table.