Samsung’s Tizen operating system is reportedly a hacker’s dream


  • TheCuddlyKoala

    Samsung Gear Zero-Day Edition.

  • Samsung has the money to spin and bounce back from any kind of harm. This isn’t anything they can’t manage even if they do release a hackers wonderland

    • Lil’ Denton

      I love your positivity, J-Ro.

  • Roger

    Good bye Samsung.

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    This is the software version of the Note 7 hardware fiasco. All we need now is for Samsung to ship DJT some free samples ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)

  • Brad Fortin

    But, according to MobileSyrup commenter Marc Pulambo, shouldn’t companies just be able to ship software without bugs or vulnerabilities? After all, according to him, all bugs and vulnerabilities are voluntary.

  • kirfer


    • Lil’ Denton

      Quite; way to express contempt for your customers, eh?

      Hang about! I’ve got a Sammy telly….does that mean it’s a-spyin’ on me?!?

  • Rimtu Kahn

    I don’t know if my TV runs tizen or not but it’s very unstable. This is the last Samsung product I have and will buy.

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