Contest: Win a Bell Samsung Galaxy S8


  • RG

    #FakeNews 😉

  • AKA_GodinGal

    I love these contests

  • TP

    Good luck!

  • Shogun

    I have a question. If you win this phone and don’t deal with Bell are you obligated to do so? I mean the phone is likely locked to that provider which is fine for existing customers but for others its a hassle to bother. You guys should be promoting unlocked devices. Just saying,,,

    • TP

      I’m pretty sure the contest is sponsored by Bell.
      You can either sell, or unlock the phone. Come on, unlocking takes only several bucks and several hours (maximum 1 day) without voiding the warranty.

  • Uzair Abbas

    Good luck to all! Though I am not in urgent need, i like how MS make it easy to enter.

    I also won the first S1 from Bell back in the days, so this will be like a refresher after 7 years lol.

  • Aslam khan

    Entered wish to win …amazing Giveaways

  • Ecliptical

    Man I would LOVE to win this one… more than anything else

  • Veroon Ruiz Churaman

    I follow this site religiously. Y’all do a good job. Never won but here’s to hoping

  • vn33

    Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  • Ipse

    You could have launched the contest tomorrow… ????

  • Garrett Cooper

    This would be amazing!

  • SycloneRob

    I need a new phone. Lol

  • Many99

    If begging gives me a chance to win I will beg until the competition ends

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Thank you for the opportunity peeps!

  • Frank L. Narciso

    Great ….I really could use a new phone….how long do I need to get down on one knee ??

  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a 6.2″ screen? That will be my next phone – hopefully by winning it here @ Mobile Syrup.

  • Jimmy

    Nice prize!

  • Miguel Serrano

    This Samsung Galaxy S8 would be an awesome win for me because I have big clumsy sausage fingers and with the size of the S8 I would only hit one letter and not multiple. Good luck everyone

  • Samer S7

    Wow Samsung, beautiful refresh of the screen on this year’s S model. Thank you Bell & MS for offering this, hope to win! ????

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  • Joseph J

    My fingers are crossed for winning this dream phone.

  • Thomas Milne

    Hoping the screen could survive a surprise tackel from children.

  • umhhmm

    Same old scam they already have their friend picked out who is going to get the phone almost every time there’s a give away it ends up being a friend of some one that has to do with the contest !!

  • Yeol Raa

    Samsung Galaxy S8 i want it because i don’t have a phone and i need new phone
    I hope i will be lucky

    Good luck ^_^

  • Danial Brandon

    Judging by Scott K’s profile pic he’s calling you know. Congrats

  • {JPM}

    Poor Scott K. Big mistake on his part.

  • Apoorv

    If this guy doesn’t claim it, can I have it? Lol. I’ll trade you guys a Nexus 5 in return 😉

  • Ericp2011

    just got as new S8 PLUS today, was going to get a LG G6 until I saw the S8 and just caved in… It is a nice phone