Galaxy S8 reminds users to clean fingerprints off its camera lens

galaxy s8

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S8 on Wednesday and revealed that the phone’s fingerprint sensor sits to the right of its rear-facing camera lens, many thought the placement odd. After all, with the S8’s fingerprint sensor so close to its camera lens, there’s a good chance the latter will get its share of finger smudges and grease through day-to-day use.

Interestingly, a notification spotted by Android Central‘s Alex Dobie tells users to clean their camera lens regularly.

“A clean lens makes for better shots,” says the notification. “Clean your camera lens to keep taking great pictures.”

Android Central was only able to get the prompt to appear once — the first time they started the camera app after registering one of their fingerprints with the phone. However, its inclusion suggests Samsung at least anticipated some of the issues that could come up from placing the phone’s fingerprint sensor so close to its camera lens.

In fact, pre-reveal rumours suggest the company had planned to embed the S8’s fingerprint sensor within the phone’s ‘Infinity Display,’ but later abandoned that idea when it couldn’t get the sensor to work well enough.

In any case, if you plan to buy the S8, do keep that lens clean.

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