Poll: Will you buy the Galaxy S8 or S8+?


  • Dimitri

    S8+ for me. It sucks we do not get then Silver model but black will do.

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  • Andrew Gallagher

    Hanging on to my Nexus 6P until the Pixel 2 comes out

  • hunkyleepickle

    I didn’t really think i was going to lose my mind and have to go through all the pre-order business to get one, and i was right. Its very nice, would be a nice upgrade to my aging Note 4, but i think i’ll save a few bucks and get an S7 edge. Very nice evolution for Samsung though, looks good.

    • johny

      i m selling mine brand new 🙂


    I am still happy with my lg g5. I finally got it paid off and switched to virgin mobile from freedom mobile.

  • Jonah Emery

    Yeah, I’ll get one but summer 2018.

  • Andrw

    Happy with my 1.5 year old Mate 8. We can talk about pricing and all, but at that price, “I” would throw my money at Apple, for an unlocked phone.

  • Galaxy

    This phone is to expensive.

  • Phone_Addiction

    already got my s8+ preorder in.

  • Jas Kamoh

    Waiting for Note 8

    • Mike Simpson

      Me, too.

  • slavitch

    My Note 5 is fine and will be for years to come. Why does anyone need a new phone every year?

    • Smanny

      If you are upgrading you smartphone anyway with your carrier, or your elageble for a new smartphone ​upgrade. Then this is clearly a better device isn’t it. Well if you have a Note 5, and need or like the spen, then I would wait for the Note 8 in the fall. Besides this device should have a better VR experience.

  • jellmoo

    Nah, not quite a big enough upgrade over the S7 edge and Axon 7 combo I use. Plus the location of the fingerprint scanner would drive me nuts.

    • Uzair Abbas

      exactly. having to lift phone to unlock vs pressing button on desk before?

      Also way too big. s8 is nearly same size as s7 edge. and the s8 has less battery than s7 edge, despite being nearly same size.

  • 1messager

    I was thinking about the S8+ bit it’s really tall maybe the s8 not sure but i will buy onw of these phone.

    • Smanny

      Even though the S8+ is only 1mm taller than an iPhone 7 plus. The S8+ has a 6.2″ display (2960×1440) compared to the iPhone 7+ 5.5″ display with a lower resolution (1920×1080).

      VR with this new S8+ display should be great. Because not only does it offer a higher resolution, but it’s field of view is much wider than the S7. This even kicks the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift to the curb for both resolution and FOV.

  • neo905

    Where is the option for happy with the phone you have and not interested in a mortgage payment for a new one?

    • Roger

      I’m looking forward to what OP 4 will bring.

    • neo905

      Even their prices are starting to creep up.

  • S8 is great from the front and WTF from the back. I understand they wanted symmetry. IMHO location of the sensor is WAY too close to the camera. This phone also tells fu to left handed, not that I care. My main concern is camera. Is it better than last year’s model? How is video stabilization? Samsung purchased a fancy stabilization tech a while back – are they using it?

  • Dankey

    No, sir. I gots me a CB radio an’ a iPone.

    • h2oflyer

      Hope it’s the 40 channel upgrade.

    • Dankey


    • Wizzy

      You mean a Blackberry?

    • Dankey


  • h2oflyer

    The comments on these threads and other sites clearly show there is little love or purchase interest for the S8, possibly a tiny bit of interest for the 8+

    MS (team Samsung) are trying real hard to promote this non great device.

  • Shawn Kent

    I preordered the s8 looks like a great phone. Beats htc and lg this year

  • Bob Loblaw

    What kind of r*tarded poll options are these? Anyone who buys into Samsung’s schtick is no better than a brainless Apple sheeple.

    • Dankey

      They calls me ‘fanboi’ down on the farm on account ma Appley pone…they said I’m ‘r*tarded’…what does that mean, Uncle Bobby…?

  • Ernie

    I’ll rock my Nexus 6p till next year. Then I’ll look at an upgrade.

  • hardy83

    If MS came out with a Surface phone that, when docked, turned into a full proper Windows 10 OS. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

    • Brad Fortin

      I think that’s what they’re aiming for with their x86 emulation on ARM.

    • demigod79

      Microsoft has already tried this with Continuum (and now Samsung is also trying with Dex) but I don’t think it will ever succeed. It’d be like using a severely underpowered laptop – a proper, powerful laptop will always be the better choice.

    • hardy83

      FULL OS not a gimped RT or Continuum. The tech wasn’t there yet, but it’s there now. So maybe in a year or two they will be good, and honestly, most mobile chips now are as powerful as the majority of CPUs put in ultra books. I mean they are no gaming laptops and never will be, but that wouldn’t be the point.

    • khkw

      I agree. I’m running Windows 10 on a 2013 Acer W510 convertible fine and that machine runs for over 15h on battery. The newest atoms are at least as fast and are even better on battery. What’s also needed are battery powered miracast/widi screens of a decent size or even a clamshell with a keyboard to use when you are out. Then a dex style docking station at home. This is where things will go eventually.

  • Ipse

    I’m good with the S7 Edge for now… Let’s see the Note 8 and the frikkin fingerprint sensor back in the front, ultrasonic.

    • heynow00

      Other than the stylus, what benefit would it be to Samsung to release another model in the note line?

  • Dustin Clark

    I pre-ordered the S8+ at 2:30PM yesterday. Let’s do this thing.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Think I’ll just lowball people on kijiji and get a used S7 to hold me over till the Pixel 2 launches. lol

  • Shane Kweens

    I need a bigger battery so will hold out. No excuse for the poor battery life of the flagships.

  • demigod79

    My contract will be up in a couple of months, and the S8 will be the replacement (about time too, as my S6 is showing its age). I just hope it’s in stock by the time I’m ready to renew.