The Future of Mobile in Canada: A six episode docu-series on how tech is shaping the country

future mobile - mobile canada

The term ‘mobile’ has dramatically shifted over the past decade. What was once considered a wireless telephone for the elite, costing thousands of dollars is now available to everyone at an affordable price and has become almost a necessity.

Consumer behavior is rapidly changing and forcing brands across all verticals to innovate and conform to the interactive world. Nearly every consumer activity has shifted to mobile in some way. Mobile technology is changing the lives of Canadians, no matter what their age.

With the growth of smartphone ownership in Canada, we set out to create a six episode docu-series called ‘The Future of Mobile in Canada.’ This online program is based on the premise that technology is changing behavioural trends and is driving a digital shift towards mobile devices.

The Future of Mobile in Canada looks at how leaders in both the public and private sectors need to understand and apply mobile technologies to better the lives of Canadians.

In partnership with Amber Mac, each docu-series episode is five to ten minutes in length and explores what the ever-expanding mobile landscape presents as it relates to payments, retail, healthcare, social media, automotive and gaming. We also take into consideration the associated laws, policies and regulations that could create new tensions within these areas.

Mobile is exciting, always evolving and Canadians are at the forefront of this technological evolution, creating some of the world’s most innovative technology.

This is The Future of Mobile in Canada. The first episode is going live Tuesday, March 28th at 12pm EST.