The Nougat-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is now available in Canada for $799


  • Roger

    Is being 8 grams lighter “significant”? Too rich for my wallet and needs.

    • RoboBonobo

      Was thinking the same thing. If I held one in each hand, I’d probably not feel the difference in weight.

  • stevedion

    Crazy price! These things will be 200$ off in a couple months. No way Android tablets can compete with iPads (resale, apps, experience). Very niche market…

    • Roger

      I’d consider it at $500. Even $600 is too much…

    • Rimtu Kahn


    • stevedion

      Well it is a quality tablet (materials) specs are a little dated (early 2016 processor) but i am sure it’s not cheap. Still though 800$…

  • Rimtu Kahn

    Great a $1000 tablet to watch videos in smaller screen.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Is this good as a Facebook machine?

  • Jeff Thibert

    I have a S2 tablet and I love it. I would never pay more than $500 for a tablet though. I’m not sure who would buy this.

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      Pretty sure they’ve priced themselves out of most people buying these and kill any buzz on release.

      Maybe it’s just me but if they can’t make a premium tablet at C$499 and till make a decent profit…they need to go back to the drawing board.

      …and why tablets sales are falling off a cliff…so much so that even Apple released the new iPad at C$449 to spark some sales in the category. And I can guarantee they are making a handsome profit there. Unless customers push back the companies will continue price escalation like they gave done with phones.

  • Shogun

    Samsung should be rolling out Nougat for S2 tablet owners. This is one thing I hate about Android is that existing hardware often gets left behind with these kinds of updates and the expectation is you have to buy all new hardware to take advantage of the latest software.

    • tvguy

      The S2 will get Nougat in May.

    • Shogun

      Thanks! Good to know

  • Whome

    Ya not at that price but I wouldn’t pay that for a cell phone either but I’m sure many will.

    • Rimtu Kahn

      Well a smartphone is actually as powerful and yet more capable than a tablet. Smartphones have all the connectivities you can ask for. It’s small enough to carry always. Has the same or better processor, same or better RAM, usually better camera etc. So, yeah I would pay this much for a smartphone. But for this tablet it’s not worth it.

      Although there are alternatives that does a good enough job as a tablet yet significantly better job as an overall computer while costing the same or less. One and only advantage for this in that case is the size.

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  • tvguy

    $900 CAD including tax for a tablet? Um, no. I’ll stick with the awesome S2 9.7 that I just purchased BNIB on Kijiji for $400.

  • Warren Chang

    Fantastic tablet, terrible price point. Tablets used to be more budget friendly and now they cost more than laptops with far less capabilities which is why I’m thinking of switching to a Chromebook

  • Roger

    It’s glass-backed, not metal.

  • JiulP

    It is ridiculous. 800 for a tablet. You have to be crazy. I have a tab a 9.7 with pen bought on less than half price.

  • Tim donnelly

    Will the LTE versions be coming soon?

  • Jesse Almeida

    Does anyone know when the keyboard case will be made available? Seems to be a big selling point for the S3, yet it isn’t for sale along with the tablet yet.
    Where is MobileSyrup getting the price of the keyboard, seeing as how I see it nowhere, and they’ve already been wrong about the Canadian presale including a book case (it didn’t). Also, 129 is the USD price, hard to imagine 130 being the CAD price.

    • Samer

      Any news on this?