SyrupCast Podcast Ep. 112: The Last Square


  • danakin

    Igor, Patrick, Jessica, and returning guest Zach Gilbert form this week’s podcast quorum; offering listeners a fresh approach to the podcast’s usual topically segmented format.

    This week each podcaster provided listeners insight into 3 of their favourite apps – an approach that was an absolute home run. This format’s by-product is similar to the shout-outs segment in how it gives listeners a window into what’s important to the writers and guests. The early tangent on the recently deceased Italian writer a keen example of connecting hosts and the MobileSyrup community.

    The apps showcased had something for everyone ranging from productivity tools to games and no one mocked or judged others’ offerings.

    All involved had a chance to contribute opinions and showcase their personality. This entire show came off as four friends hanging around shooting the sh*t (a nod to Jessica’s beep). The subject matter seamlessly weaved from talk of toilet paper, piracy, Netflix, and many others. Nothing about the show this week felt artificial or contrived.

    This week’s show gets a 8.7 SMSPR (Subjective MobileSyrup Podcast Review) score. An engaging fun listen!