Swatch is developing its own operating system to take on watchOS, Android Wear


  • JD

    Meh More competition is good. Considering Android Wear is flailing in in the wind.

    • It’s Me

      I think they are going to find that writing their own usable OS isn’t as easy as they think.

      Likely they’ll just fork Android. Is Wear OSS?

  • Can’t Fix Stupid

    Wouldn’t Pebble have been a worthwhile acquisition for the IP?

    • Smanny

      Pebble was already bought out by Fitbit. Besides the Pebble OS was limited by the hardware they went with, because they choose to stick with a single core Cortex-M3 MCU that has a small amount of ram, and Pebble OS only had a few MB of storage. Forget about a complex OS with lots of features and functionality, because it was crippled with the hardware they went with. Pebble had battery life and waterproofing, but not much else.

  • Shawn Armour

    creating your own os is a terrible idea. It wont work. If Google and the mountains of mothey throw at it isn’t working, then how are you different?

    • Mr Dog

      Apple and google have arguable been working on their watch os for more than a decade and swatch thinks they can just pop right in over night?

    • Can’t Fix Stupid

      I still see a smartwatch like 3D tv. Over hyped. Don’t need.

  • Smanny

    The real question here is the definition of a smart watch? How smart is it going to be? What kind of SoC, and how much ram and storage? Is it going to offer third party apps or not? Offer payments or not? Have a GPS or not? Heart rate monitor or not? Waterproofing or not?

    The Pebble was concidered a smart watch. However its hardware ultimately limited the Pebble OS. It was using a STM32 MCU which is a single core Cortex-M3 clocked at 120 MHz with KB of ram. Not MB, or GB of ram, plus the storage was only a few MB. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Pebble OS could never do the things that Android Wear can do.

    So if Swatch’s OS is going to use limited hardware like the Pebble, then it’s OS will be limited from the start. The other thing is third party app support, and if there is none. Well basically this OS will be DOA.