Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly launch in Canada on April 28


  • Dimitri

    I remember this time last year I had the S7 in had and playing with it. Seems like Samsung is pushing the delay due to the issues with the Note 7 and want to make sure it doesn’t have issues. Although I do find it weird that they want LG to have almost a month head start…

    Still going to wait for the S8!

    • Sean-Paul

      I’m gonna hold off until they give us info on the new Note. I usually jump ship and just upgrade but my S7 Edge so far is still chugging along. I want the S8 but I’m also curious to see what the Note line will come out with this time around.

    • Dimitri

      I was thinking about that but rather not wait until August / September to do a upgrade. If the Note 8 will be like the S8 then I rather just get the S8 Plus and call it a day lol. The S-pen isn’t much for meas I barely use it.

    • Garrett Cooper

      While I agree, I don’t think Samsung is too concerned about the G6. Maybe in Korea, but I don’t think it’ll come close in NA.

    • Dimitri

      Most likely. The thing is they picked to release it almost a month after the G6 which gives LG some advantage there. Anyways in Korea it will be released sooner as per some report

    • thereasoner

      I’m sure that reports of yeild issues for the new 10 NM chips have something to do with Samsung pushing the release date back again, reports are that they wanted 10 million built for the launch/pre-order period.

      As for going back to an April launch in the first place after launching in March last year, that probably was due to the extra testing these phones are getting on both the phone itself and on the in screen FP sensor that they are reportedly working on but won’t have ready in time for the S8 models.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    I just want to know what kind of marketing offers they will pull out this time around. Maybe as with the S7 they will offer all pre-orders with the new Gear VR set (the one with the controler). Either way they will need something to entice those relunctant customers afeter the Note7 issues.

    • Dimitri

      Agreed. Rumor had it that it’s supposed to be the Gear VR with the controller but nothing else was said since then. The Note 7 u ha a choice from the Gear fit 2 or the speaker. Maybe they will pull something like that on this.

      Most likely a Gear VR or maybe a SD card. We shall see. LG is doing a Bluetooth speaker but it’s not that worth it.

  • h2oflyer

    Interested, but gotta sit on my hands until
    good battery info is available. The 10 NM chips plus better optimization should result in great battery life. Let’s see if the Exynos is better than the SD this time.
    This would be awesome. But it seems the more battery they give us, the harder we use the phone.

    If it’s not much better than the S7, then Qi charge and wireless charging have won. With existing lith-ion technology, how hot will my phone get with the focus on quick charge while stuffing in 3 to 4 amps. Samsung produced a fantastic S7 with real good battery life out of a 3000 mAh battery. Hoping to see better with the S8.

  • Brad Fortin

    This Galaxy sounds alright, but the rumours about the next Galaxy sound way better, so I think everyone should not buy the this one and wait for the next one.

    Then rinse and repeat with each release.


  • Xavier Arias Camacho

    RIght now I own the LG V20 and that’s because I was with the Note 7 before(RIP) Wanted to check out the LG G6 but think I will go ahead with the S8 plus.. Don’t wanna wait for the note 8 which is very far away.. Don’t really care about the spen so I think the s8 plus will be perfect.

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