Here’s where you can pre-order the LG G6 in Canada


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  • Roger

    Good, but not enough to make me want to switch.

    • stevedion

      So hard to justify when looking at what Oneplus is doing with specs vs pricing…

    • Ridge

      Definitely depends on what your priority is. Oneplus has made strides in terms of camera quality, but still can’t compete with LG, so that would be one reason.

    • GordyDevice

      And the Honor 8 series. Advantage is you get the latest Android updates, with LG you never know if you will get an update!

    • stevedion

      I agree, picked one up from Newegg (eBay account) for 399$, hard to beat.

  • Ridge

    Retail Price is 949$ at Videotron

  • phatboy66

    I was expecting a much higher on contract price. This is not bad.

  • Garrett Cooper

    Out of curiosity, why would one preorder a device like the G6 which will likely be available everywhere on launch day just by walking into a Big3 store? I can’t see it being just for a BT speaker alone.

    • Dimitri

      That’s the only reason reason. Plusif the stores don’t have any stock, this assures u one.

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    2TB of microSD darn!

  • Matt avectamere

    I tweeted @Telus about the pre-order and they said it’s coming online March 24th.

  • Jon Duke

    Those ok Verizon in the US are getting a TV

  • Samuel Gomez Recuero

    Pre-orders at videotron are up now!

  • Marion

    Rogers. Pre-order is available. $199 on a 2-year Premium+ Tab, $399 on a 2-year Premium Tab. $900 outright

  • Dimitri

    Rogers pre order started yesterday with both colors. You yet a free Bluetooth Headset with it. Anyone with bell that orders it gets a soundbar with a Bluetooth subwoofer.

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