U.S. Department of Justice ready to arrest 4 people in Yahoo breach, including a Canadian


Yahoo is continuing to make news this week. First, it was Marissa Mayer announcing plans to step down as CEO after Verizon deal closes. Now, the United States Department of Justice declared intentions to arrest four individuals who were allegedly responsible for the massive security breach that compromised millions of user accounts.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the DoJ says one of the culprits is a Canadian and an arrest is imminent. Unfortunately, there was no indication of who the person is or their location. The remaining three other people are based in Russia.

There were two security breaches — September of 2016 which exposed 500 million user accounts and December 2016 with a billion accounts — and Yahoo has been cooperating with all level of government, including state, federal, and foreign governments.

Verizon’s made an initial offer to acquire Yahoo for $4.83 billion USD. However, due to the significance of the breach the company recently negotiated a $350 million reduction.

Source: Bloomberg