Quidd announces new partnership with Cryptozoic Entertainment to roll out digital collectibles

Quidd on iPhones

Along with recently raising $6.75 million in funding, Quidd’s new partnership with Cryptozoic Entertainment will see it roll out digital collectibles from critically-acclaimed fan-favourite shows.

Some of these include The Power Puff Girls, Rick and Morty, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and more from Carlton Network and Adult Swim.

“Collecting is too often misunderstood as something for older, mostly male, fanbases,” said company co-founder Michael Bramlage in a statement.

“With an eclectic assortment of content, an immersive digital-only experience, and fun, expressive products like stickers, Quidd is proving that the desire to collect and geek out with fellow fans is cutting edge and universal, encompassing millennials, female fans, and more,” he continued.

Quidd is an app and platform that allows makers to convert their popular physical products into digital collectibles for super fans.

According to the statement, over 100 million items have already been distributed across the platform, and over 70 percent of their users have never collected physical stickers, cards or toys before purchasing their first set on Quidd.

Download Quidd here.