Nintendo Switch Joy-con controllers work with Android, PC and Mac

Nintendo Switch Joy-con controller

While this shouldn’t come as a surprise given WiiMote controllers work on a wide range of devices, the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-cons can be connected to Android, PC and Mac devices.

Joy-cons will pair as individual controllers, even when docked in the Joy-con grip as a single gamepad. It’s likely that someone will release software specifically designed to solve this issue at some point in the future.

The Joy-con isn’t compatible with iOS, however, because Apple uses its own proprietary MFI controller specification. In some cases, especially with Android, third-party software is required to map buttons in a way that makes sense, though this is required of any Bluetooth controller. On PC, an app like JoyToKey also quickly solves this issue.

Now that Nintendo’s Switch has been released, users are beginning to encounter a number of issues with the console, including dead pixels and Joy-con controller connectivity problems.