Build your own universe with Space [App of the Week]

Space App Header

Just like the universe, the type of apps one can download use on their smartphone are slowly proving endless. For example, what if you could build your own universe, using an app on your phone?

Space allows users to virtually create their own universe using a series of planets, stars, and asteroids, made available to them on within the app. The bigger their universe gets, the more intricate it becomes.

Users can add new elements to their personalized galaxies at their leisure, experiment with gravity, supernovas and even planetary collision. The app also gives the option to zoom in to view individual elements of the universe, or zoom out to view the entire celestial creation as a whole.

In addition, players can also see how their universe behaves in the company of galaxies from other fellow users. All galaxies created in the app will move and interact in real time, according to Newtonian astrophysics laws.

Currently on the platform are 30,3766 stars, 29,972 planets, 14,090 moons and many other celestial bodies all created by users of the app. The app developer Thix is also behind two other science apps, Chemist and Beaker.

Space is available in the App Store for $3.99.