Ikea invites Canadians to flip pancakes in a virtual reality kitchen

Ikea VR kitchen

Soon, Canadians may have the ability to virtually test out their kitchen before they buy it.

However, Ikea Canada wants to introduce its customers to virtual reality by inviting them to flip pancakes in a virtual kitchen at its Etobicoke location. This initiative is part of a global pilot taking place from now until May 21, 2017.

Ikea is extending the invitation to test out a new pilot program that allows customers to test out a virtual kitchen before making a decision about their purchase.

“IKEA strives to be an innovative company and is exploring virtual reality as a tool to better meet with our customers. We know that this technology is developing fast and will play a major role in the future for our customers,” says Rob Kelly, head of sales at Ikea Canada, in a statement. “Through this test, we want to learn if virtual reality experiences will help our customers to visualize their dreams and make informed choices when buying a kitchen.”

The two experiences being offered as part of this project are called Ikea VR Pancake Kitchen and VR Kitchen Visualizer. The Ikea virtual reality kitchen experience was developed for the HTC Vive headsets, which offers room scale virtual reality to allow customers to explore the room.

The service will also be rolled out in Hasselt in Belgium, Västerås, Sweden, and in Enebyängen, Sweden.

Source: Ikea