Nintendo Switch operating system leaks in new video


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  • Jason

    With only about 2 weeks until launch there are still far too many secrets we don’t know about the switch, like how does the online work

    • AMB_07

      I fully agree. I’m looking forward to the Switch but Nintendo needs to start talking about how things will work and about transferring previous purchases etc.
      Like NOW!

    • I don’t know what Nintendo’s strategy is. But if I were them I would clearly not discuss those things now to delay people off of the launch. All entertainment products are front heavy in sales. Movies usually have the opening weekend as their biggest weekend. Consoles always sell out day one, regardless of how poorly they end up doing.

      I would make sure only the die hard fans buy it day one, then talk up the things for the people in the know but not the mass market over the summer to keep sales up. Then hit the mass market with their games in times for the holidays. This shaping of demand would result in better logistics of consoles. And fewer places where the console is sold out.

      So, they should not talk about these things to let people make their decisions until they become applicable (when online goes live) or until initial sales die down (how to transfer previous purchases).

      Demanding shaping.

    • AMB_07

      So Nintendo should not inform their consumers about the features of its console before launch? That has got to be the worst idea ever and hopefully Nintendo doesn’t do that.

    • Hey there!

      So Nintendo should not inform their consumers about the features of its console before launch?

      That’s not exactly what I meant. But I guess that is what I said. So let me clarify:

      Increasing hype for a product that is not available and will sell out is a misuse of resources. Major consoles self advertise to early adopter gamers, and always sell out.

      People should cool it. They should wait to get information not based on marketing and early access. They should stop pre-ordering. They should wait for actual information. Not hype.

      So to that extent, no, it doesn’t bother me. You won’t be able to buy one on the first day anyway. (Not if you are being reasonable.) By week 2 you will probably have more information.

      We need an end to hype.

    • That is important and something I never liked about their online play. The friend code thing is as annoying to me as the media center on the xbox 360.

  • MoYeung

    No teardown to analyze the hardware inside?

    • Dimitri

      No because this was stolen unit within the place they worked at and got fired for it once Nintendo found out about this video. They also sold this used to make money.

  • They aren’t really building much hype for the console at all. I hear more about the Switch from Mobile Syrup than Nintendo

  • Alex

    is it just me, or does the video make it look like the switch is tiny? Guess i haven’t held a 7inch tablet in a long time… =_=

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