Apple reportedly has plans to launch a 4K Apple TV in 2017


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  • Ipse

    Amazon FireTV is 90$….I’m sure this will be cheaper. /s

    • Mr Dog

      They both target different audiences if you ask me.

      If your set top box is only for streaming/watching then sure the Amazon FireTV is the better deal.

      The App’s on the Apple TV outpace all boxes combined, with more quality games on day on than any other set top box.

    • Eluder

      I disagree, go look at an Nvidia shield if you want proper set top box gaming. I have both the 4th gen ATV and the new Shield. There’s no comparison for gaming there.

    • Mr Dog

      I am not saying one is better than the other.

      I am saying there is no comparism between the Apple TV & the $50 android boxes.

      I agree gaming on the Shield will outpace the Apple TV, it is designed for that case. But apps in general we will see a much wider support on the Apple TV then any of the other boxes.

    • Eluder

      He wasn’t comparing it to the $50 android boxes either, he was comparing it to the Fire TV which is a very capable STB.

    • Mr Dog

      My point still stands that Apple TV App selection is far Superior in quality & quantity than any of the other STB.

      Most people buying a Fire TV’s sole reason is usual for video content.

    • Eluder

      As an owner of both, I disagree, there’s a lot of useless junk on Apple TV. Probably better in the US, but the Canadian app market is horrible for ATV.

    • Good luck actually finding one in Canada, though we were told the new Shield should be available at more retailers eventually.

    • Stephen B Morris

      You can buy it from Nvidia directly. It’s $400CAD for the Pro, but at least it’s possible to get without crossing the border. When it is in stock, that is.

  • Mr_Reliable

    As a Bell user, the fact that they developed an ATV app to view live channels as a STB, add to the fact that my household is 90% iOS devices, it made the decision fairly easy which device to buy. Not that I still didn’t buy the Shield though: Steam Link + Plex Server + 4K Netflix/Amazon streaming should speak for itself.

  • Stephen B Morris

    Great idea. Although they may have better luck convincing Rogers to clean up their Anywhere TV app and make it available for Apple TV rather than try to negotiate any deals directly. The Bell Fibe app is one of the very few highlights from Bell. It may be a good secondary STB for people. Maybe even a good first option if someone is subscribed to 4K programming and there are no discounts for the carrier’s STB. If memory serves me right, Rogers and Bell sell their 4K boxes for around $700? Apple TV will probably be cheaper than that.