$179.95 Beats X wireless headphones now available in Canada


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  • tdotpawel

    Actually these are the third pair of headphones from Apple to feature the W1 chip. Beats Solo3, AirPods, and now BeatsX.

    • HiKsFiles

      Igor has problem with numbers… don’t waste your time! lol

    • ciderrules

      4th. There’s also the Powerbeats 3.

    • tdotpawel

      You’re right.

  • Captain Henry Morgan

    Question folks.. there are bluetooth earphones like Mpow Swift for less than 30 dollars that you can buy from Amazon.ca. Is Beats X for $179.99 any better in terms of sound quality? I am shopping for a new set of earphones soon. Any suggestion? Of course, i don’t mind cheaper earphones as long as it is still has good sound quality. Thanks!

    • Andy

      I have mpow swift and the sound is great. I have never tried a Beats to compare but I have tried others that don’t sound too great, and the mpow is much better than others.

      If you want, get it from Amazon and try it out. They have a return policy that’s fair.

    • Captain Henry Morgan

      Hi @disqus_xj4XVuONGo:disqus and @FlamesFan89:disqus Thank you both for your suggestion. I really don’t need an expensive earphones as my ears aren’t that great to begin with but its good enough to listen to music. It will mainly be use when I am on the TTC subway to filter loud noise from the train and people gossips.

      I will look into Anker since I have trusted that brand for a while plus they have an awesome customer service. I will compare that to Mpow and make a decision from there.

      Once again, thanks both! 🙂

    • Shogun

      I’d be careful with Anker products in general. They really aren’t the best quality and you pay for what you get with this stuff. If you don’t care much and have no problem shelling out $25 or $30 to replace these things periodically then by all means go ahead. The best pair of BT earbuds I’ve used are the Plantronics Back Beat Fit. They get regular firmware updates and retail for around $99-$129 however Best Buy frequently has sales where they can go for around $70.
      Just not a fan of buying substandard products that’ll likely need replacing far more frequently and end up costing you more in the long run.

    • Andy

      Been using my mpow swift for last 3 years. Same sound.

    • Shogun

      Maybe but Anker is sub standard. The only product I have of theirs that still works half decent is their selfie stick.

    • FlamesFan89

      That’s unfortunate. I’ve had the exact opposite experience personally. I have a USB hub, plenty of microUSB cables, my aforementioned earbuds, all from Anker, and have always found their products to be great quality, and great value for the money. I’ve never had a problem with an Anker product (thankfully).

    • FlamesFan89

      I just recently got a pair of Anker SoundBuds off Amazon for less than $25. They are by no means audiophile quality, and are no match for my ATH-M50 over ear monitors, but I was actually rather impressed with the sound quality for such a cheap pair of buds. I had zero issue with the Bluetooth pairing, took about 2 seconds, and after lots of use (didn’t track the actual time, but I’d say 5 hours at the absolute least) I just did my first charge. They came loaded with juice.

      I think that unless you have money burning a hole in your wallet, or you have a real need for high-end sound quality, as in, they are part of your work flow or something, then there is no need to drop that much coin on earbuds. Chances are, you are going to be listening to them in noisy environments, listening to mp3s or podcasts that are already of degraded sound quality. Why waste the money. These Anker ones sound decent, and I spent less than $25.

  • Zee

    Wireless? I see wires

    • Andy

      Yes. Wireless to the phone.

  • Bok Choy

    iCloud? Why do I have to be signed in to iCloud? I’m on Android.


    I can’t see what makes these headphones any better than other mid range Bluetooth ones. I agree that the W1 chip tech is something of convenience but quality of the sound output is rather more important in this price range, is it not?

    I think that the Jaybird X3s are a much better value than this particular product.

    • Yearoftherat

      I’ll take Jaybirds and Bose headphones over Beats any day.