Hugo Barra is now the head of Facebook’s virtual reality efforts


  • Smanny

    Since Hugo was working with Xiaomi and some of the Chinese vendors. Not to mention CES 2017 demoed a number of VR headsets and systems that brought full head tracking as well as some degree of spacial awareness for a fraction of the price of the Oculus Rifts and the Vives of the world. When people can use their smartphones for what they were originally intended for, as well as get the benefit of using that same mobile smartphone in a VR headset, and at a fraction of the cost. Then it’s no wonder why Facebook is doubling down on mobile VR. Facebooks support in Samsung’s smartphones made total sense. Plus the Gear VR users still out number the Rift users by a large margin. If anything mobile VR has shown not only Hugo and Mark, but the world sees that mobile VR is the answer to VR/AR in general