Samsung announces Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro with stylus and pre-installed Google Play


  • Jim__R

    Do these chromebooks support touchscreen? More than a few Android apps expect touchscreen interfacing.

    • JLS

      I would say yes they are touchscreen as they include a stylus that can be stored in the device

  • Do Do

    If the price isn’t stupid (unlikely) I’ll probably buy.

    • Scott

      according to another site, “The Chromebook Plus will be available starting this February for $449 USD”.

    • Do Do

      That’s around the price I would want to see in Canadian dollars for a decent quality surfing device.

  • Brad Fortin

    No USB-A ports? No full Office? Maxes out at 4 GB of RAM? Definitely not a “Pro” machine, nor a “computer”.

    • Scott

      Dude … settle down. It’s a “chromebook” … it’s aimed at the consumer market that don’t want a tablet but need to replace their laptop. The “Pro” is probably going to be aimed at professionals that travel frequently. The fact that it can handle Play Store apps means that it will have compatibility for Google Docs and MS Office Suite … both of which have offline capability.

      The fact that it doesn’t have USB-A ports is of no consequence. Why do will you need them? For a mouse? … no, it has touch screen, a stylus and a trackpad. It has bluetooth to connect devices and you can use USB-C to microUSB to charge your phone if you want.

      Lastly, 4GB is plenty to browse Facebook, and do other “internet” type stuff.

    • Brad Fortin

      Don’t mind me, just mocking comments from articles past.

  • Dix

    Interesting but will they get system updates directly from Google and for how long? Samsung and its ilk do horrible things to Android but does Chrome OS remain unmolested on these Play Store compatible Chromebooks?

    • That was my first thought: how much bloatware and customization is Samsung going burden these machines with? And will they get updates like a normal Chromebook or are they going to be a Samsung variant that has to go through Samsung?