Nintendo could be working on a VR headset for the Switch


  • Gewurttraminer

    Can people expect the same kind of product roll-out disaster that Nintendo created with the NES Classic? They can’t even produce a $80 console properly and yet we should be waiting with baited breath for the Switch? lol! Is it any wonder why Nintendo is such a dinosaur compared to others in this market.

    • xanth18

      They produced the $80 console just fine. What they didn’t anticpate was the massive demand for it. Who really could have guessed?

      I mean, I can take my old Galaxy Nexus and set it up with my tv and do the exact same thing using my blue tooth controller… for free.

      I’m puzzled by the demand for this archaic console.

    • Nexzen

      Console is $80 everyone wants it, simple.