Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will reportedly have a next-generation autofocus selfie cam

Samsung is preparing to launch a front-facing camera that will spark new competition in the mobile industry, according to an industry source cited by Korean IT publication ET News.

The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S8’s front-facing camera will feature autofocus, reports the publication, differentiating itself from previous Galaxy models that used fixed focus front-cameras. The new technology will allow for better focus on objects that are located at varying distances in the photograph.

All this is facilitated by an “encoder-type AF actuator,” reveals ET News‘ source, which adjusts the camera’s lenses automatically in order to find the optimal focal distance according to where the subjects of the photo are located, while still managing to remain slim — an essential attribute for a front-facing camera.

With social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook making ever more use of front-facing mobile cameras, it makes sense that Samsung would put priority on improving the selfie cam experience, and with the mobile market in a period of relative stagnation, front-facing camera specs could be an important new differentiator going forward.

At the very least, it could give the S8 a slight edge in the market, which Samsung needs following its recent period of bad press following the Note 7 battery combustion issue.

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