Samsung permanently ends production of the Galaxy Note 7


  • samsvoc

    Too big to fail. ???? Good on samsung to quit while they still can.

    • h2oflyer

      They had no choice. If it is a circuitry issue that can’t be fixed all those Note 7s will be ground up and mined for rare materials.

  • Douglas Irwin

    Maybe Samsung should restart the Note 5 production line for now. It is a good solid phone.

    • It’s Me

      Actually not a bad idea.

    • John W

      This would be a good move imo

    • samsvoc

      Yes, restart the Note 5 production and call it the Note 8. Samsung should consider making the next Note with a removeable battery.

  • johentie

    Dang… I had it since day one and had my replacement for a couple weeks now… I love this phone… I Just wish this came before all the Google pixels were sold out…. Dont k ow what to replace it with.. Already had the note 5, s7 edge…

    • samsvoc

      Give the Moto Z Play a shot. Don’t knock it b4 you try it.

    • Francois Roy

      Are you kidding?
      This would be like going from a BMW to a Toyota Echo.. XD

    • Zul Rizvi

      Well said

    • Roger

      More like a Camry. Yaris would be a Moto G.

    • samsvoc

      But the Yaris doesn’t go ????.

    • tye buck


    • Dan L

      I switched to the Moto Z last week, It’s been a fantastic handset so far and very innovative with the accessory connector on the back of the phone.

    • samsvoc

      Getting the Moto Z Play this week. Mostly getting it for it’s amazing battery life and one that doesn’t explode. I’m not a paper spec HO.

    • Dan L

      You’ll be happy then. The 910 mAh smaller battery in the Z gets me 2 solid days of life.

    • Douglas Irwin

      Note 5 and s7 edge are good phones. I would stick with those for now. I don’t think you’ll find much better for the time being.

    • Douglas Irwin

      Ooops. I see now that you said you had them. I would try to find another one.

    • Matt

      S7’s also have explosion issues as well, simple google search will bring up tons and tons of isses with s7 ands s7 edge exploding reports. And many lawsuits as well. One major lawsuit is in new jersey where a guys s7 edge exploded and caused major injury to him with third degree burns.

    • h2oflyer

      Probably 820 versions…nothing wrong with Exynos S7…BEST phone out there right now

    • neo905

      Dude….Just let it go…It’s over now…

    • neo905

      Well..iPhones have had some explosions as well…Let’s all just calm down here.

    • I.T. Man

      I’m in the same situation but no note 5. Sd card is critical for me

    • johentie

      this is true… but with 128gb i should be ok with the Pixel… sigh… i keep looking at my Note 7 and seeing how nice it is.. the stylus is SO KEY… but to be honest.. the note 5 was the best samsung phone i’ve own … for some reason (maybe it was the Exynos chip) it was blazing fast with zero lag…

    • Otis

      iPhone 7’s are still available.

    • johentie

      Rogers has yet to even get their first batch out… plus although the performance and features are catching up. the iphone doesn’t give you customization options and freedom like android does…

    • John W

      The Flagship selections are pretty lackluster right now in my opinion. Perhaps its time to try an Apple phone? if not wait for the LG V20, it seems to be a deadly phone.

    • johentie

      yes that was my other option.. the V20.. i really liked the G3 when i had it… v20 or pixel XL is what i have narrowed down my choices to…

  • brararsh

    What will happen to those who bought off kijiji?

    • neo905


    • Nadefrenzy

      They better hope they got replacement Device from a legitimate reseller (they weren’t verifying proof of purchase or the like for initial replacements on their website). But getting a full refund might be something else.

    • kijiji Or Others

      just deal directly with samsung canada. at this point they dont look of the purchase it more safety first . i asked them

    • Anouar Sarout

      i got it from kijiji too.. just waiting.. hopefully they will refund it somehow!

  • TP

    I believe this is the best decision they can make now.

  • TheTechSmith

    What a disaster. At least they are doing the right thing.

    • It’s Me

      Absolutely. Unfortunate it took this long.

  • Do Do

    All I care about now is they make the refund process easy, I SAID EASY. Make the statement clear. Don’t leave any opportunity for guessing what you mean.

    Also, the option of exchange, should include a statement that the consumer will be compensated for the difference in price. We know that the phones all cost you about $100 to make regardless of model but there’s a difference in cost to the consumer and we expect to be compensated fairly. So, S7 is at least $200-$300 less value to the consumer and that should be reflected if people choose the exchange.

  • Philippe M

    -I can’t lie, I loved the phone, one of the best but safety first.
    -What about the tons of accessories brought from Amazon and Ebay, some of them are still on their way to me and I already returned my phone

    • Dimitri

      There should be a return policy for that. I got my backpack battery case from Crackberry and I got 60 days return policy with money back. I just gotta pay the return waybill back.

    • Philippe M

      I still didn’t get my IQ Shield Matte and they replied saying that I can return it but they won’t return the shipping cost and i will pay the return which is equal to the price of the screen protector if you add them both , I am thiking to keep it and cut it to fit my new S7 Edge 🙂 … that’s plus the small accessories what will cost you more to return

    • Dimitri

      Yeah that is true. The cost for me to return the Backpack Case is $29 but it’s worth $100. So i don’t mind. The more is costing because of the insurance on it just incase it gets damaged.

    • Philippe M

      I will return a case that costed me 20$ (including shipping) when i return it, i will get only 9$ but better than nothing since i can’t even sell it, coz no one will have the phone, I guess the lesson learned here is , “don’t pre-order any phone and wait 2 months until people try it….” 🙂

  • CS

    Donald Trumps campaign and the Note 7 have a lot in common.

    • Omis

      They are both on fire?

    • CS

      I was thinking self destructing. But fire works too.

  • Ipse

    Karma…they should not have skipped “Note 6” – which this phone was.
    Some angry Korean God slapped them.

    That and incompetence. RIP Note 7.

  • Zul Rizvi

    I really wanted to keep my phone but have no option now. Iphone crap i cant go to. I sold S7 edge to get note 7 and now I am stuck with no phone.

    • clee666

      Google Pixel XL is arriving just on time!

    • Zul Rizvi

      Pixel dosent have memory card slot so its a big No for me . Also its an ugly looking phone specially compared to note 7 and all other new ones.

    • kmanvan

      But at least you know you will get upgrades. I stopped buying Samsung phones solely because their are so uncommitted to keeping their device software up to date. Its so bad that the best way to put it is that they are extremely committed to keeping their devices not up to date.

  • NK

    Hopefully this has some kind of positive effect on the engineering of phones and their safety industry wide moving forward.

  • NoWayHosEH

    So I wonder what will happen for me I traded in a s4 and got 240 for it which I haven’t received yet since it comes on the 2nd or 3rd bill. Sounds like I’m in for a big loss. thanks samsung

  • George

    I have 2 note 7.
    I will keep using them until they explode! I am happy with them!

    • Dimitri

      Troll is a troll.

    • kmanvan

      Good luck explaining that to you insurance company when your house burns down becuase you knowingly kept using a recalled fire hazard product (assuming you don’t kill anyone, or yourself in the process).

    • George

      1. I use NO insurance company!
      2. I like to take my chances like going to bed with unknown women with no protection!

    • Waqqas Khokhar

      I have a feeling Samsung will ask any remaining Note 7 IMEIs to be blocked, once the voluntary recall has run for a while…

  • johentie

    ditto…. it’s not garbage i just can’t use it… i had the iphone 1 and to me noting much has really changed in terms of UI .. same grid, same settings, same type of icons.. no home screen, no launcher support etc etc… I tried ordering the Pixel XL in Blue since i have a US address, but no luck.. all sold out… calling rogers now to see if i can pre order the silver 128gb version…

  • Hello Moto

    Darn, I was hoping for a Note 7 firewall once they fixed the problem.

    • southerndinner

      You mean firesale?

    • Hello Moto

      Darn autocorrect lol

  • rayray

    Imma keep using my Note 7 until Samsung contacts me to say they’re ready to refund me or something. I bought the phone on Kijiji and now I have the replacement, but no receipt of the original one. I don’t want to run after them to see what they can do with me. I’ll be enjoying my Note 7 for the time being, it had no issues so far. It will be so hard so go for another phone 🙁

  • Feisty Feline

    Samsung can pound it. After no software updates on my Note 2 and 3 (the 3 is still on contract). Plus buying 2 – $650 TabPro 10.1 tablets, to be told no support, no software… too bad.

    Next tablet will be a Surface, next phone a Pixel.

    Samsung has proven they only care about shareholder returns, and screw the customers.

  • Poor Samsung… Bet the people at Apple HQ are holding their biggest celebration yet!

  • Sweet

    With so many people not liking the removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone8 Plus, this was a golden opportunity for Samsung to win customers away from iOS, and they blew it. Unbelievably bad timing. They’ll probably bounce back.

  • Haxor99

    Is the NOTE line permanently damaged? Will be interesting to see if they produce a Note 8

    • lexx

      hopefully not… lots of people love the note series.. samsung should redesign and release the same time as the S8

  • Sweet

    BTW, iPhones have been blowing up too lately. But so far it’s just isolated incidents and not specific to one model (iPhone6 and 7 phones are involved) and there’s nothing to indicate that it’s caused by flaw in the design or manufacturing.

  • Obaid Ansari

    Well, hopefully this will result in Note 5 getting the Nougat update earlier than anticipated =D. Oh and the resale value of Note 5 should be good as well.

    • fmradio68

      Hope android 7 comes to Notell 4 now.

  • Obaid Ansari

    Wonder how many people will lose their job over this disaster.

  • dirtyKIMCHI

    Samsung should have never skipped over the Note 6. The
    Number Deities have brought this omen onto them. All Hail the Number 6!

  • tye buck

    I’ve had my note 7 since the 20th of August and when I heard about this battery issue I decided to keep the phone and basically push it to its limits with playing graphic intense game, using the VR for long periods, charging it at different battery percentages etc…. And so far my phone has been fine. I really love the phone and the only phone I would even consider replacing it with is the pixel phone whichh isn’t out yet. Should i listen to my head and play it safe and just get rid of it or listen to my heart and keep it since I’ve had no issue with it at all.

  • John Paul

    “Samsung permanently ends production of the Galaxy Note 7″…. where in Samsung’s press statement does it say “Permanently”?

  • Iz3man

    Well this is something. Good on samsung, but could this be the end of the note line?

  • Haseeb Khan

    Perhaps A Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge + With An IR Blaster, A Larger Removable Battery Obviously, IP68, Temperature Sensor Like The “Note 3” Had!!! (IMO) Micro Sd Card Support & An Spen (To Replace The “NOTE 6”) I’d Totally Would Get That… I Assume Others Also??

    And Release A Fresh Start For The Note 7 Next Year With The Same Hardware Mentioned Above?? Good Idea Or Nah??

    Sorry For The Caps lol…. ????

  • T Mac

    Terrible phone doing terrible things!

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