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New video shows Nokia’s cancelled ‘Moonraker’ smartwatch in action


Images of Moonraker, the codename for a lineup of colourful smartwatches Nokia planned to release alongside the Lumia 930, first surfaced online two years. In the intervening years, the canned device has made the occasional appearance online thanks to individuals like Evan Blass.

On Tuesday morning, the smartwatch made its latest appearance, courtesy of a new video by YouTube user Nokibar, who shows off some of the smartwatch’s basic functionality.

Besides offering a fascinating look at what could have been, the video is interesting insofar as it comes out following the cancellation of Microsoft’s own Band 3 wearable.

It’s believed Microsoft shelved Moonraker shortly after the company acquired Nokia in April 2014 because it was already working on the original Band. We’ll never know, of course, but it’s fun to think how differently things could have played out had Microsoft stuck with Moonraker.