Letgo takes aim at Kijiji with simplified second-hand shopping app


  • Spencer Navarra-Chew

    Playing with the app I noticed Google or Facebook login is not required. The article should make that clear. We already had the debate about anonymity in the article on Facebook Marketplace ????
    Otherwise, it seems solid so far.

  • KiwiBri

    I wonder of it will reduce the amount of “kijijidiots” type of buyers /sellers

    • Poda

      or would it just create letgodiots type of buyers/sellers 🙂

    • vn33

      Lowballers will always be lowballers, unfortunately!

  • Making it easier to post things has never been my issue with Kijiji. As a seller I never felt it to be difficult to the point where I decided to just not post. As a buyer, making it easier for people to post seems like a negative. Kijiji is already filled with spam and reposts.

    If letgo is addressing this stuff they should make that their central focus. Sellers are going to sell where the buyers are. The buyers moved from Craigslist to Kijiji because it was easier to browse and filter the things you need. Even though there were less people selling at first they still used it because the site and apps were easier. Years back I would post everything on CL and Kijiji and I saw the slow progression over the course of a few years were I went from getting the majority of my responses from CL, to a 50:50 split between CL and kijiji, to CL slowly dying out. Even when only 2 in 10 responses were coming from CL I would still post there. I guess my point is that sellers are going to go were buyers are.

    • Eluder

      I stopped using CL ages ago, just found way more responses on Kijiji than CL, but there are a ton of morons out there still sadly, which makes selling a nuisance at times.

  • rick

    So the only thing this has over kijiji is that the poster doesn’t have to think about the category, because some intelligence will auto select it for you?

    Good luck I think.

  • Graham Fluet

    I don’t know how useful that would be. I can see at least an 50% error rate where people are looking for a different size or model and can’t filter. For example, right now I’m getting a second video card for my desktop. if I was looking for a MSI GAMING series one, they all look nearly the same no matter if it’s a r9 270 or a GTX 1080.