INKS: Art and Pinball make an unusually entertaining combo [Game of the Week]

If you’re in the mood for something challenging, yet delightfully strange, INKS might be the game for you.

At first glance, the game looks no different than an ordinary pin ball game. However, in order to win, users are required to shoot the balls at the exploding paint pockets situated around the play space. Once the player has successfully shot every paint pocket, the ground opens up to swallow the ball.


As the player progresses through the levels, the games get more challenging, but they’re also able to collect points to put towards assists such as the ability to line up their shot. All the while, the pin balls roll through the paint to create a work of art in the process.

Higher levels contain obstructions and black holes that prevent the shots from landing directly on target, which forces players to employ assists to help them advance to the next round.



In addition however, there are several different world for users to work their way through. How many different ways can you paint with paint ball, you ask? The answer my friends is five. The worlds are separated into Dawn, Melody, Campfire, Vespa and Plush.

The game was developed by State of Play and is available on the App Store and unfortunately hasn’t mad its way to Android yet. The game costs $2.79 to download, though if you’re the kind of multi-tasker who likes to paint and play pinball at the same time, it’s worth the cost.

Download INKS in the App Store for $2.79.