Tesla’s latest software update is the company’s largest one yet

Tesla began rolling out its V.8 update late on on Wednesday evening, introducing a whole suite of new features.

The user interface, according to Business Insider, got a major upgrade, which makes information easier to access so the driver can focus on the road.

The media player has also been redesigned to put the user’s favourite content front and centre to reduce distractions on the road. Furthermore however, maps and navigation will also be redesigned to take up the entire screen and highlight details of the trip.

Voice control have been upgrades to be activated with a simple tap. Tesla has also added a new feature called ‘overheat protection,’ which sets a max temperature inside the car.

One of the most affected features with the latest update is Autopilot. In V.8, Autopilot can now better find curves on the road, adjust speed, automatically exit off-ramps when the indicator is on, and will now use radar as a primary control sensor.

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