Global Samsung statements indicate Galaxy Note 7 replacements could arrive within the month

While the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 due to battery explosions dealt a major blow to Samsung financially, customers have lauded the company for taking quick and efficient action on the matter, and reviews of the device remain, for the most part, glowing.

The primary question now is: when will replacement devices make it in to the hands of initial buyers?

An announcement from Samsung Australia today may provide a good indication. The Australian branch of Samsung Electronics stated that it “can confirm replacement stock of the Galaxy Note7 smartphone will be available to customers in Australia from September 21st.”

Additionally, Samsung Australia noted that it would resume sales of the Note 7 to new customers in early October.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Samsung news site’s latest release is regarding the FAA’s recent statement telling Note 7 owners not to bring their phones on planes, stating that they are aware and “plan to expedite new shipments of Galaxy Note7 starting from this week in order to alleviate any safety concerns and reduce any inconvenience for our customers.”

Granted, nothing’s been posted on Canada’s Samsung news site since the announcement of the Canadian product exchange on the 7th, but these statements strongly imply that Canadian Note 7 buyers could see replacement stock within the month.

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