Bloons Tower Defence 5: The perfect time killer [Game of the Week]

I’ve never been the type to look for bigger, better and and more interactive in my mobile games.

Like most people, I open most of my mobile gaming apps when I have some time to kill, a train ride to tune out or a project I really don’t want to do. For these purposes, something distracting, entertaining, yet challenging, is exactly what I need.


Bloons TD 5 is that game for me. Created by the development company Ninja Kiwi, Bloons TD 5 is the fifth in a long line of monkey-powered, balloon-based tower defence games, and one among over 25 Bloons concept games.

When one looks past the elaborate colours and the wacky towers, Bloons TD 5 is a challenging mobile game that requires the user to plan ahead, exercise restraint, and buy into a form of warfare where balloons are your greatest enemy. Users can choose among a multitude of towers, including the North Pole, Space Trukin, Lave Fields and Ice Snow.


As players complete towers, more and more are unlocked. With several different levels and a plethora of features depending on your tactical style, this is one of my favourites to recommend to fellow tower-defence lovers.

The app is available on iOS and Android for $3.99. Several other Bloons games, however, are available on iOS and Android for free.

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