Worldwide smartphone shipments are approaching a standstill, says IDC report


  • Smanny

    The thing is Android is the one that brings the largest array of devices, with all the latest and greatest tech. You want VR on your phone? You go with Android. You want AR on your phone? You go with Android. You want modules, expandability, versatility? You go with Android. Plus prices from every range conceivable to man.

    Personally I am looking forward to Motorola’s new Moto Z line of devices with the mods. I want to get the Raspberry Pi mod, and buy a developer mod from Motorola. So I can make my own mod.

    • neo905

      Moto Z overpriced for what it is…

  • Beno

    It is not $1.46 billion.
    It is 1.46 billion.

    • Duglas

      I looked at the IDC report and it does state 1.46 billion units, including tabulating that data by O/S, market share, region, etc. Global population is estimated at 7.4 billion, which means ~20% of all the people on this planet will get a new smartphone this year? I find that number difficult to believe.

    • Paul Snooker

      I’m getting a new one soon, 2 weeks

    • Duglas

      I should too, just to help out. I’m still using an iPhone 4.

  • Ipse

    “Standstill”? 1.46B?

    a situation or condition in which there is no movement or activity at all.
    “the traffic came to a standstill”
    synonyms: halt, stop, dead stop, stand, gridlock
    “negotiations have come to a standstill”

    • TrickyDickie

      Not enough of those are iPhones, therefore the whole thing has stopped lol

  • Elroy Jetson

    Phones are all really good now. They have been for years. The VR thing I think is pretty cool but it’s basically a gimmick to get people to buy new phones. We’re approaching the end though – maybe the industry has a few more tricks up it’s sleeve but no industry has unlimited upward growth that lasts indefinitely

  • Harold Asmis

    The ‘black slab’ has saturated, especially in Canada with low wireless speeds and expensive data. There is nothing they can do to that, it’s just like PC’s where the nearly disposable Chromebook leads the race to the bottom. The summer’s biggest game was pokies and that required no power at all.

  • jay

    no matter what the big million sales are over. because almost everyone has a smartphone and they are good devices not like three years ago when we needed the latest and greatest phone all the time.

    when we see apple they are so good in marketing to boast sales. every time the new iphone came out they found another market just to boast sales but even that is over now. the next two years are hard and only some will make it