Hyundai seeks further partnerships with Google to remain competitive

Thus far, the South Korean car-maker Hyundai has been aggressive with integrating the latest tech into its vehicles.

It was among the first car-makers to build compatibility with Apple’s Car Play and Google’s Android Auto, though it’s lagging behind in its development of autonomous vehicles.

To remain competitive in a market that gets more crowded every day, Hyundai is seeking some help from the pioneer of automation itself — Google.

While very little is currently known about the negotiations, former Hyundai U.S. chief John Krafcik who now leads Google’s driverless car project, will likely assist in the process.

Tae Bong, a senior auto analyst at Hi Investment & Securities, told Bloomberg that Hyundai is behind other automakers on its path to autonomy.

“It’s not a choice but a critical prerequisite for Hyundai to cooperate with IT companies, such as Google, to survive in the near future,” Bong stated.

With several major car companies announcing their commitment to autonomous driving in recent months, Hyundai joins a market that’s set to fill up fast. Google however, has previously negotiated agreements with automaker Fiat Chrysler to produce autonomous technology in tandem with Fiat’s Pacifica minivan.

Just days ago, BMW announced its intention to mass produce autonomous vehicles by the year 2021, which  is even then behind several automakers such as Ford and GM.

Furthermore, the Canadian office of GM, GM Canada, recently committed to hire 1000 engineers to produce autonomous, connected, electric vehicles in Canada.

It looks race towards vehicle autonomy is heating up.

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