Car-sharing service Turo launches search-by-colour feature

You would never wear yellow to a funeral, so why should you show up to one in a bright yellow car?

Turo, the San Francisco-based car-lending company, recently launched a new feature which allows users to filter their rentals by their colour preferences. While this may seem like futile addition, it speaks tremendously to the company’s growth.

Furthermore, Turo announced alongside its ‘colourful’ update that it has doubled the amount of rental cars available on its platform. The car-lending company launched in Canada just this past April, and since then, has established a presence in over 120 Canadian cities.

This feature is powered by image recognition software, which automatically detects the colours of cars in the marketplace “Search by colour” is already available online and will soon be available on iOS and Android.

“One of the unique pleasures of Turo’s marketplace is choosing and getting a specific car for a specific occasion,” Cedric Mathieu, the director of Turo Canada, said in a statement.

“Travellers love knowing precisely what make, model and colour their car will be. We had overwhelming interest from our community and saw the opportunity to build the first car rental search by colour.”

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