Nintendo’s new micro NES lets you save at any point in-game

Earlier this month Nintendo revealed plans to release a miniature Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that comes packed with 30 classic titles.

Now, thanks to an interview with Nintendo of Canada’s communications manager, Julie Gagnon, via a French-language radio show, we know more information about the throwback console’s features.

According to the interview, the new NES will ditch the rudimentary password save system featured in some old NES games in favour of allowing players to save the game at any point they’d like, making many retro titles more accessible in the process.


For AV fanatics, it also looks like the micro NES will come equipped with a variety of visual options, including the ability to play games in their original 4:3 aspect ratio, allowing them to look exactly as intended. The console will also include a “Pixel Perfect” option that renders each pixel as a square, ensuring it doesn’t look stretched on a widescreen television.

To those not familiar with the console emulation scene, many of these features may seem innovative. In reality, however, retro console emulators on various platforms have featured similar functionality for a number of years.

What Nintendo is doing is repackaging the technology, in the process likely improving it, and releasing it in a simple way for people to purchase and hook directly into their televisions.

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