Let Christoph Waltz sell you on the Note 7 [video]

When the Galaxy S7 came out, Samsung released a humorous series of ads featuring rapper Lil Wayne that did a great job highlighting the phone’s best features. With the new ad for its latest phone, the recently announced Note 7, the Korean company may have just outdone itself, however.

Aimed at our neighbours to the south, the company’s new ad features the brilliant Christoph Waltz, he of Inglorious Basterds and Django Unchained fame, selling U.S. consumers on Samsung the Note 7. It has Waltz pondering why Americans work so much in a variety of customs — at one point he has cornrows — and, well, I could say more, but it’s probably best I just let you watch the video yourself.

The Note 7 is set to arrive in Canada on August 19.